Packing Light for a Weekend Away

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One of my favorite things to do is travel. It doesn’t happen as often as I would like, but whenever I get the opportunity to see someplace new, or just get away to a favorite vacation spot, I take it. As anyone with kids will tell you, packing for a vacation with kids is a ridiculous experiment in how much stuff you can possibly fit in your car to account for any and all possible scenarios. The amount of luggage you end up bringing resembles that of someone moving out of their house rather than someone driving two hours to the beach.

When the opportunity arises for me to travel WITHOUT children, my favorite thing to do is pack as light as possible, so I feel free and low-maintenance, like the good ole’ days.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to California for the first time ever! The trip was 4 days, 5 nights to Davis, California just outside Sacramento.  I was to complete a room I designed for my cousin, which would involve some painting and putting together furniture, but also do some sightseeing and shopping.  Our airline allowed for two free carry-on bags so the challenge was on to pack as light as possible for the long weekend and not have to check any luggage.

packing items

This was literally everything I packed. Four outfits plus a warmer one for when we traveled to San Francisco- it was about 30 degrees cooler there than Davis- crazy right?? I also packed pajamas, sneakers, sandals, and some toiletries. I brought my own hairdryer since I knew I’d be staying at my cousin’s “bachelor pad.”

Hairdryer, brush and toiletries

Let me just stop and tell you about this hairdryer for a minute. I love this thing. I bought it this past year at Target and as sad as it sounds, drying my hair with this blowdryer is one of the highlights of my day. It is so powerful and dries my hair so quickly. It has definitely spoiled me against any other hairdryers and it will probably always travel with me for that reason. Best part? It was only $29.99! Okay, I’m done my rant. But seriously, this hairdryer is the best.

When all was said and done, this was me ready to leave for the airport.

Luggage for California

In my backpack, I had my laptop to do some work and watch a movie on the plane. I also had my camera because I was going to take after photos of the designed room once it was completed (Eeek! See the pictures in my upcoming post on Tuesday!). Also in my backpack were my headphones, chargers, and a few snacks for the plane- I wasn’t sure if I would eat a meal on my way to CA (I didn’t, by the way).

It was great not having to worry about checking luggage- especially since we took a total of 4 planes traveling there and back. I had everything with me and my back wasn’t breaking from heavy bags.  It was perfect. If you’re traveling anywhere soon for a few days or a long weekend, check out my travel tips and tricks for packing light below.

Packing Infographic

I’d love to know where you’re traveling to this summer! Let me know in the comments below! Have a great trip and pack smart!


Photo Credit: Serena Garafolo

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