A Teeny Tiny Playroom Reveal

playroom/office reveal

Today I get to share with you a reveal from one of my favorite types of rooms to design- playrooms! I just enjoy doing kid spaces so much.  I get to tap into my inner 5-year old and think about what kinds of things I would love as a kid.

Design projects are even more fun when I get to do them for friends. This room belongs to the parents of one of my best work friends from my good ole’ teacher days.  They have four grandchildren and wanted to turn their office/spare room into a playroom for the toddler loves in their life.

These great clients had one main vision for this playroom. They wanted some bookshelves for storage space and a bench seat for their grandkids to get cozy on and read a book.

playroom/office reveal

We went with the Kallax shelf unit from Ikea for their bench seat. Kallax now has these great cabinet door inserts to their systems so not everything needs to be seen, which is great for those toys with small parts that can make shelves look cluttered.   We used two Hemnes bookshelves on either side of the bench to create a built-in feel to this main wall.

playroom/office revealI reused the chalkboard that was once mounted above the desk in this room, and brought it down to toddler height so the kids could draw and play school. We added the storage containers from IKEA so they could easily access their chalk, erasers, and other drawing essentials.

These fun city prints are from Etsy and show the city skylines of London, Paris, and New York, all of which had personal meaning for this sweet family. They bring such great color to the space without being too “kid-ish.”


On the opposite side of the room is the office area. We got a new desk from PB Teen, a beautiful new desk chair from the Project 62 line at Target, and added some fresh decor and accessories.

office/playroom reveal

playroom/office reveal

This newly designed spare room is fresh, bright, and welcoming. Whether these clients are taking care of bills and checking email, or their grandkids come over to read and play, this playroom/office, while small, functions so well for the needs of this family.  If you’re looking to recreate a similar look in your home, I’ve done a lot of the work for you. Check out the product links below and be sure to pin this round-up image for later.

playroom/office reveal

  1. Area Rug  2. Corn Silk, Benjamin Moore //  3. Navajo White, Benjamin Moore  //  4. Desk Chair  //  5. Pillowfort Zebra Head  //  6. Bookshelves  //  7.  Tassel Throw Pillow //  8. Storage Bench   //  9. Blue Chenille Throw Pillow   //  10. Yellow Throw Pillow  //  11. Etsy Prints  //  12. Desk  //  13. Children’s Table  14. Pillowfort Wooden Storage Bin  //  15. Wooden Hello Sign

Photos by: Ryan Herrero

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