Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Anyone struggle when it comes to buying gifts for men? I have to admit, I do. I can shop for my mom, daughters, and girlfriends all day long. Men? They’re a bit tougher. So I enlisted the help of my husband and some of his buddies and created a round-up of some gift options for your men this year. Some of these are in the midst of great deals right now, so keep the Cyber Week high going and finish up that holiday shopping!

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Yeti Rambler

These things are great. They literally keep your drink cold (or hot) all day long. If your man is a coffee drinker, or likes his beverages super cold, this is a great investment for him.

Nest Learning Thermostat

I love the Nest! I stayed at an AirBnb that had one and even the look of this thing is attractive. Basically, men love anything they can control from their phone. And anything automated. This thermostat is a win-win.

Dead of Winter Game

Is your man a fan of games? Mine is. And so are all of his friends. I like to call them nerds but I’ve been to one of their game nights and the games they play are seriously cool. This is a new one that is definitely a must amongst his friend group. If one of them gets it this Christmas, I might have to sneak into their game night to see this in action.


Men’s wallets get a ton of use, and they tend to get nasty after awhile. I’ve found that Dave will never really purchase one of these for himself, but it’s something he will definitely use and need everyday so I try to gift him these every once in awhile to keep them up-to-date.

Slim-Fit Poplin Button-down

These shirts are a wardrobe basic, and I can’t get over the price at Old Navy Right now. 50% off $30.00?! I want to get him every color!

Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert

My husband always wants to go to shows and games. Me?….not so much. That’s why this can be such a meaningful gift for him. He would also love going with a buddy if I asked one of them ahead of time, but if the plan is for me to go with him, he knows how selfless of a gift that really is. I would usually rather stay home and go to bed early. This was we get a date, and he gets to do something he really likes.

Casual Classic Blazer

Another wardrobe basic that my husband would probably never buy for himself. I love how this blazer can be worn casually out to dinner or to a daytime event. I also love the slim fit of it- unlike the boxy blazers our men have all bought at one point or another.

Banana Republic Suede Boots

These look so great with jeans and are a great way to dress up a casual outfit. And the price of these are only $39.99!!

Dewalt Drill/Driver Combo Kit

It may be a bit of a cliche to get a man a power tool for Christmas, but let’s be real. They love them. Even if they’re not handy, a man just feels more manly when they’re given power tools. And a drill/driver is something every home will always need.




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