Our Clean, Modern Master Bath Reveal

It’s finally finished! It took about 7 times as long as I anticipated, and gave me many more gray hairs, but this bathroom remodel was worth every penny! It’s my favorite room of the house, and every day I look forward to using it. Should I soak in the tub tonight? Or use the amazing rain shower with the perfect water pressure? These are good problems to have people!

The Before

This was our lovely master bath that we inherited when we moved in. Honestly, this room was one of the last tasks on my bucket list for the house because Dave and I were the only ones who used it. I wanted to first work on projects that were common areas for everyone (i.e. kitchen or backyard). However, with the pandemic this year, and some extra cash from our government, we wanted to stimulate the economy as well as give some cash to people that could use it. So we decided to take the plunge on this bathroom and bump it to the top of the list since we had the perfect amount of cash on hand to complete it.

What We Did

The biggest obstacle in this bathroom reno was that we completely changed the footprint. The only thing that stayed in the same place was the shower. We took down the wall that originally closed off our bathroom, and extended the layout into our bedroom alcove. Now that the bathroom is bigger, it feels as if it should have ALWAYS been this way. Bumping out the wall into our bedroom didn’t make our bedroom feel smaller because we basically didn’t use the alcove anyway. It housed an IKEA closet that I used to hold our towels and some extra clothes, and I just moved it into our bedroom now. Changing the footprint also allowed for my favorite part of the bathroom, MY TUB!

Knowing that tub was on its way got me through many tough days at work. Now that it’s here, it’s used pretty much daily, by me, Dave, or the girls. It’s glorious. I highly recommend a luxurious tub if you want a quiet place to relax and unwind.

I wanted a clean, modern look for this bathroom with some high contrast pieces to give it interest. I am delighted with the way it turned out but I can assure you, I will not be remodeling anything else in our house for a little while.

A final shoutout to my father-in-law for doing our plumbing and to Sawyer and Layne for their beautiful handiwork bringing this whole bathroom to life! We are so grateful and are in love with every last inch of this space!

Shop the Look

  1. Vanity Light 2. Vanity Mirror 3. Vanity 4. Vanity Hardware 5. Sink Faucet 6. Floor Tile 7. Wall Hook 8. Hand Towel 9. Toilet 10. Bathtub 11. Shower Tile 12. Shower Faucet 13. Shower Floor Tile 14. Shower Wand 15. Tub Filler
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