Mixing Business with Playtime


As of this past October, I have joined the many lucky entrepreneurs who have decided to go out on their own to follow their passions and create their own business. While this comes with its share of fears, sleepless nights and nearly daily reminders that

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success, blah blah blah”

and many other sayings like it, this venture on your own also comes with an abundance of blessings. One of mine being the opportunity to work from home.

Many of you know I have a three-year old daughter, Riley. Her father, my wonderful husband, has had the joy (and not-to-mention huge responsibility) of being a stay-at-home dad with her from her newborn days, straight through her toddler days while I was working as a sixth grade teacher. Now, the tables have turned and my new venture has allowed me to stay at home with her while trying my darnedest to create something from nothing with Settled In, LLC. Dave was kind enough to take on a second job (as a teacher no less) to give me some time to get this business up and running.

As prayers are answered left and right, this brain child of mine is actually becoming a moving vessel, as a slew of new jobs have been laid out before me in the next few weeks to come. A few great jobs have been neatly tied up (with some great pictures about to head your way) and I’m feeling more and more confident as a professional interior decorator.

I now find myself wondering if the days of Riley and I shopping at Home Goods and Crate and Barrel together will be fewer and farther between, as I’m seeing myself needing more child care for her and more “work time” for me.  Because if you haven’t figured it out, my dear friends who are considering leaving your office job, working from home is NOT a solution to your child care needs. Very little, if any of my work is done when Riley is awake.  While it has been a delight getting to have playtime with her everyday these past few months, as business dreams come true, some of my playtimes may need to be handed over to babysitters. Luckily, school lets out for Dave very soon (funny how God times things like these) and she will get some much needed “daddy time.” But in the meantime, I am having a ball mixing business with playtime.


Antiquing in Collingswood, NJ

This girl already has an affinity for home decor and LOVES to shop with me. During our many errands today, each time we left home store, she would say “Want to look around in another store?” Um, YES PLEASE! And sitting in her stroller like the sweetheart she is, off we would go to Pottery Barn. Man, I got lucky with a girl.

At some point however, a three year old wants to play. And as all of you parents out there know, sometimes you have to get a little creative. Today was an easy one to figure out though. A trip to Cherry Hill? Why not stop in one of the coolest Disney Stores ever?


Happiest of girls feeling like this trip to the Disney Store is actually the “real thing”

I am so grateful for this exciting time of change for our little family.  And having the second best shopping buddy live in my own home (the first, of course, being my own mother). My last tip for you moms or dads trying to get business done with a little one on your hands, it never hurts to buy them some lunch. 🙂



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  1. Best of luck to you in your new business. I adore Riley’s big girl room. Very nice job Leah!

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