5 At-Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee bar
The Home I Create

As we begin transitioning into the cooler months of the year (I know some of you have already put up all your fall decorations and busted out the pumpkin-spiced everything), I start to think about blankets, boots, and hot delicious beverages.  While going out to coffee shops is fun, it can certainly turn into an expensive habit.  This expense, as well as America’s addiction and love of coffee, has led to a huge trend in at-home coffee bars over the last few years.  Not only are they practical, they’re fun, cute, and great for when company comes over allowing your guests to easily help themselves to your coffee supplies.  Today, I’m sharing with you 5 themed coffee stations that you can easily replicate at home. Weekend project!

1. The Modern Coffee Bar

Modern Coffee Bar
The Little Gray House

I am such a big black-and-white fan. Especially when you add in some greenery. This coffee station just looks so clean and easy on the eyes. Oh and let’s not forget about their amazing tile backsplash in that kitchen. <3

My favorite part:

Those graphic black-and-white coffee mugs- all of them.

2. The Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Nelly Friedel

Well, that Magnolia wreath gets me every time. I’m a big sucker for Joanna Gaines. Chalkboards are also an easy way to give off a “coffee shop” feel and customize your coffee station with your own thoughts or inspirational sayings.

My favorite part:

Those ceramic canisters are just too cute.

3. The Colorful Coffee Bar

Colorful coffee bar
A Woman’s Haven

How fun is this? If you are really a morning person, you can handle these pops of color first thing in the morning. Might be a bit much for someone like me, but I bet the children in this house love it.

My favorite part:

Other than that awesome dresser-turned-coffee station counter, those glass containers are perfect for any coffee station, and having one contain cookies is just a no-brainer.

4. The All White Coffee Bar

All white coffee bar
Home Sweet Home Decor

Clean, simple, and a bit shabby chic, this monotone coffee bar is a bit easier on the eyes than the bold and bright one above. Note the small tray containing some coffee necessities- always a great and easy way to make your station look organized and add a bit of character.

My favorite part:

All of those personalized mugs!!

5. The Cottage-Style Coffee Bar

Cottage style coffee bar
Town and Country Living


Similar to the all-white coffee station, but the baskets and wildflowers give a bit of color and cottage-feel to this bar. I love the perfectly hung white coffee mugs- easily accessible but

My favorite part:

It doesn’t really have to do with coffee, but that vintage scale is stealing my heart.

Tips and Tricks:

If you’re looking to make your own coffee bar in your home, you can do it for little to no money and just a small piece of real estate in your kitchen. People use bar carts, counter space, or even a shelf in their pantry for their coffee essentials and they’re all cute and accessible for guests. Here are a few things you can use to make your at-home coffee station a success.

Coffee Bar Necessities:

  1. Easy Mug Access
  2. Baskets or containers for coffee, filters, or k-cups.
  3. Some cute containers for sugar, hot chocolate, or cookies 🙂
  4. An inspirational or funny sign to give you something to think or smile about while you wait for your coffee to brew.
  5. A happy plant or two.

Staying home to feed your coffee habit rather than getting it on-the-go everyday will definitely save you some money, but it’s also an easy way to love and enjoy your home, as well as make entertaining easier.  Think about where you could make a coffee bar in your home, and maybe turn it into a little project this weekend.  When you’re finished, or if you already have a coffee station in your home, post a pic in the comments section below! I’d love to see it!!  Enjoy your coffees in solitude or with a good friend today.  And bring on the pumpkin-spice 🙂

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