5 Design Blogs I LOVE to Follow


One of the things I love most about blogging is reading and supporting fellow bloggers.  The more time I invest in this space of the internet, the more I realize what a great and supportive community blogging is. Yes, there’s an overwhelming number of blogs out there these days, but there seems to be room for everyone.  Today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite blogs that I follow religiously and inspire me daily.

  1. Style by Emily Henderson


This gal is my go-to. She is not the first design blog I started reading, but she has to be my favorite, and the one I read the most.  Soooo much content. All the time.  Her style is extremely similar to mine as well so it makes it more fun. I like to look through her projects and try to pick out where everything is from before reading her sources.  This blog has given me SO much inspiration style-wise and I’ve actually incorporated a lot of her style choices into my own home.  She’s also super nice and relatable even though she’s all famous and whatnot.


2. Harlowe James


I just really like this girl.  I am constantly looking at other blogs (lifestyle AND interior design) and its not very often I actually stop to subscribe, comment, or message the writers. But with Chrissy of Harlowe James, I couldn’t help myself.  Her story really resonated with me and I felt like we had a lot in common the more I read her posts. She also was sweet enough to write me back almost immediately.  I traveled to Sausalito, CA (where she resides) shortly after discovering her blog and I felt like a big shot that I “knew” someone who lived in the area.  I’m such a blogger nerd.


3. Elements of Style

Erin Gates

So THIS was the first design blog I started reading.  Erin Gates is an interior designer who built so much of her business from her blog that she’s been writing for 10 YEARS!!! She’s also freakin hilarious. My husband bought me her book probably a little over a year ago and I couldn’t put it down. Her design style, while definitely different than mine, is so classy, kinda funky and gorgeous. She seems to have the market covered in the New England region.


Honestly, Erin is just too funny NOT to read. And in her next life, I hope she comes back as a fashion stylist for the stars because she has the BEST posts after any award show about what everyone was wearing and what they should have worn. For someone who really isn’t into high fashion style, those are probably my favorite posts of hers.

4. Young House Love


This blog is written by a married couple which just makes it even more endearing.  They are renovation masters who love taking old, ugly homes and making them beautiful. They also have a podcast and have written a few books so yeah, they’re making things happen. They are super down-to-earth, energetic and always have a TON of content to share with their readers and listeners.

Young House Love Dining Room

5. Goldalamode


I first found this blog from Cara’s feature in Domino.  Her house is sooo cute. I kinda fell for her for two reasons. One, she’s from New Jersey, so we’re practically family right? And two, her millennial pink front door.  Like anything else millennial pink, I just look at it and swoon.

She’s got great style and her blog has lots of great DIY tips and tricks.


What I love about all of these blogs, besides the crazy amounts of inspiration I glean from them each week, is the bloggers who write them. The thing I look for most not just in interior design blogs, but any blogs I decide to follow, is a good old-fashioned, down-to-earth writer who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.  I can’t be bothered with bloggers that aren’t going to show their true colors, whether I can relate to them or not.  Their authenticity means more to me than anything they choose to write about. I love how these bloggers make me feel like I’m hearing from my best friend who happens to have awesome style and helpful tips.

The internet can be a pretty amazing place when people are encouraging and helping one another.  These bloggers are all about bringing people positivity and inspiration. I can only hope my blog captures those same ambitions. Check out these blogs above if you haven’t already.  I guarantee you’ll like them as much as I do! And comment below with YOUR favorite blogs to follow! I’d love to give them a shout-out and support them as well!!

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5 DEsign Blogs

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