Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I’ve never been a huge Halloween fan. Having kids does help to make the day a bit more fun, however. For the past 3 years, our church has hosted a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat which has attracted crazy hoards of people- I seriously don’t know where they all come from. This excitement and build-up of Trunk-or-Treat has definitely spurred some enthusiasm and competition in our family and friends that makes us think long and hard about what our family will be for Halloween.

With expecting a baby just 2 weeks before Halloween this year, Dave and I aren’t exactly planning a full-family theme this year, and we are skipping out on creating a trunk as well. But for our 4-year old’s sake, and probably our new baby, we’ve been throwing around some cute costume ideas.  I am totally not a sewer or super crafty costume mom. The easier, the better for me.  That being said, I’ve put together a round-up for you of super easy Halloween costumes for kids that require little to no sewing.

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1. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

This one might be my fave. It could work for a boy or a girl. Overalls, some felt mouse ears attached to a headband, a little make-up drawn on the face, and a super cute stuffed cookie pillow.  I think I could handle sewing together some felt for this thing.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes
Seeker of Happiness

2. Bubble Bath Costume

How easy is this one? White clothes underneath, looks like an upside-down lampshade filled with some clear/white balloons, a shower cap and a rubber ducky.  Sooo cute and creative. Just no bare feet when trick-or-treating. If its warm enough out, flip flops would work.

DIY Halloween Costumes
Luft Balloons

3. Up Costume

I mean, can we get any cuter here? Toughest part with this one might be finding glasses for the little guy. But this walker was made out of PVC pipe and tennis balls. Easy. The balloons are what makes it though. And you won’t lose track of your kid!

DIY Halloween Costumes
No Biggie

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4. Charlotte’s Web Costume

I’ve always loved this story, and I think this is such a cute take on the character. Some white felt or fabric for the “cape” and some easy stitching with black yarn for the web.  Those striped leggings and black shoes just make the outfit for me though. So sweet.

DIY Halloween Costume

5. ET Costume

Being one of my favorite movies of all-time, this is a personal favorite of mine. Plus, how easy is this?? The clothes are super easy to find if you don’t already have them, a basket attached to the front of a tricycle with a stuffed E.T. in it, and boom, you have a warm kid who has a way of being pushed around from house-to-house. Win-win.

DIY Halloween Costumes
The Lowcountry Lady

6. Starbucks Frappacino

There are a lot of takes on these drinks as Halloween costumes. I have to say, this might be the cutest one I’ve seen. Maybe because that little girl wearing it is so stinking pretty.  Those of you who have made these costumes before, help me out. How did you do it? I love the outcome but I don’t know if I’m crafty enough to make this myself.

DIY Halloween Costume
Pop Sugar

7. Pinkalicious

This one would seriously take me 2 seconds to put together. Just pick out all the pink stuff in my daughter’s closet (there’s an abundance to choose from).  I also love the idea of creating costumes out of children’s book characters.

DIY Halloween Costumes
Seeker of Happiness

8. Pilot

This one requires a bit more commitment but could work for a girl or a boy. The outfit seems easy enough, and the plane is essentially a box with the flaps out to the side held there by wooden dowels. Some more cardboard and maybe a balloon attached to the front for the propellers, and some paint and straps, and you have an incredibly cute little Amelia Earheart.

DIY Halloween Costumes

9. The Man in the Yellow Hat

A girlfriend of mine did this costume for her son, and I remember her saying it was harder than she thought to find bright yellow kid clothing. But if you can find it, the results are perfect. And your little boy probably already has a “George” stuffed animal to carry around with him.


10. Unicorn Costume

Everyone knows unicorns are the best. This costume is great because its warm and comfortable for your little girl to wear. White pants and a white hoodie, different color yarn (pink and purple look great on this costume), some white and pink felt, and a hot glue will get you pretty far with this one. The creator of this costume used rolled up packing paper covered in white felt, and gold tape to make the unicorn horn. Genius.

DIY Halloween Costume
Craftaholics Anonymous

Which one of these costumes is YOUR favorite? I might have to try making one of these for Riley this year.  Comment below with what you or your little one is being for Halloween! I can always use some more ideas!

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