Kid Closet Organization that Will Make Life Easier!

Kid CLoset ORganization

I LOVE organization.

Pregnancy has possibly led me to an obsession-level love of organization.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than when my home is organized.  As an interior decorator, I can go on and on about the emotional side of your home and what this place means to me and my family.  But functionally speaking, I want this place to run like a factory, as cold and heartless as that sounds.


If you missed the exciting news from the other day, I am currently creating an online course for all of you regarding this topic of organization specifically.  The course is called “Organize It,” and I show you how to increase your productivity and add time to your day for fun and relaxation by making each room in your home run like a well-oiled machine.  Exciting stuff.

Today, I’m going to show you just a sneak peek at some of the organization in my home, starting with our children’s closets. Let’s take a peek first at my four-year old daughter’s closet.  Please note: these closets are nothing super special. We did not have anyone come in and professionally organize them or design them. Everything we have used to organize them is completely affordable and accessible. However, there are a few tips you can steal from these spaces that made them go from closets where we store things, to closets that work for US.

Riley's Closet

In Riley’s room, we were lucky enough to inherit these clothing racks and shelves when we moved into our house.  They had them hung in terrible positions for some reason, so we fixed that, but this closet is perfect for a small child whose clothes are super small. Even as she gets older, she’ll be able to use the top bar for shirts and the bottom for skirts and pants.

We did add a few things though that you can totally steal for your own home.

  1. Shoe shelves.  She loves to keep her shoes organized on this thing.  It’s something that I never used to think about but makes so much sense in having her closet look cleaner and helping her see that everything has a place, rather than just thrown on the floor. Shoe Rack
  2. Baskets! These are a must in EVERY. SINGLE. CLOSET. Some kind of basket or bin that holds the little things- washcloths, underwear, tights, headbands, socks, WHATEVER! You want to contain the mess and again, have your kids realize that there is a place for everything. Closet bins and baskets
  3. Uniform Hangers. Something that is tough with kid clothes, especially because there are so many “sets” with pants and shirts, is to use the same type of hanger throughout the closet. It seriously does so much in making your closet look more organized. Don’t spend a ton of money, these plastic hangers will do fine, you can even get colored ones, but try to keep them uniform, and you will instantly have a cleaner-looking closet.
  4. Some fun decor 🙂 Who says you can’t jazz up the inside of a closet? You’re in it everyday, sometimes several times a day. It should be cute! This frame below is from Hobby Lobby. The next thing I want to add in here is a cute light fixture for her ceiling, one that doesn’t put off so much yellow light. What do you guys things about this one?

Closet Decor

And now for the nursery closet 🙂


You guys are getting to see the closet before the actual nursery. Aren’t you lucky?

Nursery Closet

So this is the baby’s closet after lots of work. It used to look like this.

Closet before

We decided to take down the long metal bar and build some shelves for storage and organization purposes. Plus, it would allow us to add a shorter rail about halfway up for more clothes.  The shelves were super easy and inexpensive to build.  I just went to Home Depot and bought three pieces of 1′ x 6′ boards, came home and painted them white.


My dad, a.k.a. my handyman, used two of the boards for the sides of the shelf and cut the third board into four pieces for the shelves themselves. I bought three adjustable clothing rods and rod sockets like these and we screwed them into place. In just a few hours time, we had a much more efficient and organized closet system without paying a fortune for a closet installer.

Nursery Closet

Again, you will see lots of bins and baskets in her closet to keep all her little trinkets contained and the closet looking clean.

Nursery Closet

Wire basket  //   Hat Boxes  //   Hamper

It is so important for your children (and all family members) to have organized systems in place in your home. It helps them with finding things and putting things away, as well as instills in them how to be an organized person in the future.  Try just a few of these tricks in your closets at home and I guarantee you will be happier when picking out your clothes AND save yourself some time searching for things! And keep an eye out for my online course, Organize It, over the next few weeks! If you are wanting to know about the course now, sign-up with your email below for more details! And make organizing your closets into your weekend project this week! Good luck!

Photos by Serena Rose Photography

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