How to Set a Beautiful Christmas Dinner Table for Cheap!

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Just a few more days until those guests come knocking at your door for Christmas dinner! Are you ready?

The answer to this is probably not. There is so much to do to get ready for this holiday, and if I’m honest, rushing around is part of the fun! We’re hosting Christmas dinner this year, and I am SO excited! It’s going to be a wonderful small group, just my parents, my mother and father-in-law, and my brother-in-law. Plus me, Dave and the girls. Seven adults- I don’t think I’ve ever had such a small and intimate Christmas dinner. This is right up my alley.

Seeing as Dave and I are practically poor these days, I needed to figure out how to set a Christmas-y table this year that would meet my creative interior decorator standards. I searched on Pinterest for some cute ideas and these were my sources of inspiration:

Christmas Tablescape
The Everyday Home
Christmas Tablescape
Lauren McBride
Oscar Bravo Home

I was loving the simple black, white and green color pallet so much. The basic white plates (I have those!), some natural elements (greenery is cheap!), and some candles for a warm, winter glow. I went to Hobby Lobby for a few items and searched through what I already had at home and ended up with a tablescape that I am extremely pleased with and cost me practically nothing. Here are the steps I took to create my Christmas tablescape.

  1. Start with a basic tablecloth and some chargers.

Christmas Tablescape

If you’re anything like my husband, you may be asking, “Why Chargers?” Chargers help to add texture to a table setting and give your plates a little pop. It’s basically a stage for your place setting. Dave makes fun of them, but to me, they’re a must. These chargers were from Hobby Lobby and were $2.99 each!

2. Add in some greenery and candles for the centerpiece.

Christmas Tablescape

I got this greenery at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and the candle pillars from West Elm, I already owned.

3. Add basic white plates and cloth napkins.

Christmas Tablescape

Owning these basic everyday white dishes from Crate and Barrel have been great because I can use them with literally any holiday. There are a few days throughout the year that I wish I had colored plates but honestly registering for these was a smart move.

4. Silverware and glasses.

Christmas Tablescape

Had we had more spending money this year, I would have invested in some fun flatware like this matte black set from Target or this gold set from West Elm. But my everyday flatware will do just fine for this small gathering.

5. Add a personal touch.

Here’s where I like to add a little something personal like a small gift or personalized place card. For this dinner, I got everyone a “popper” from Home Goods that each have a fun little treat inside. They’re always fun to open and create a fun and relaxed environment.


And there you have it. A beautiful, Christmasy tablescape that cost me about $50.00 altogether. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your Christmas dinner! What is your theme for the table this year? Wishing you all a happy holiday and a relaxing day with your family and loved ones!

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