Easy DIY Valentine Cards that are so fun to Make!

diy valentines day cards

Is it just me? Or are store-bought cards ridiculously expensive anymore?? Honestly, at this point, the card is pricey enough to be an actual GIFT, rather than something that tells who the gift is from.¬† I love cards, and usually spend a lot of time finding the perfect one. However, in the interest of saving money, I decided to get a bit crafty this year and make my cards by hand. I’ve included a few examples here to get your creative juices flowing, as well as some supplies that will help you get the job done.


  1. Paint Markers 

These are my new favorite craft supply. I could draw/paint with these markers all day. The colors are so fun and they go on really nicely. Definitely pick yourself up a pack of these and making cards will be easy and fun.

2. Heavy Paper 

If you’re going to paint, it would be wise to get heavier paper so it doesn’t curl or wrinkle on you. There are various weights at varying prices but this is what I use when painting.

3. Scrapbook paper

It’s nice to have fun paper like this on hand when you’re feeling crafty. If you put this away in a craft drawer when you’re finished using it, you can pull it out again next year when you’re feeling crafty and wanting to make more Valentine’s cards. I feel like I always find random uses for fun patterned paper.

Card Ideas

DIY Valentines Day Cards

I had so much fun making these cards. There is also an example of a birthday card in here that could easily be used as a Valentine’s or even Mother’s Day card. You can steal these ideas or just take a peek on Pinterest for some other great card ideas.

So save some money this year and give your friends and loved ones a homemade card made with love.

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