Swoon-worthy Style from Anthropologie’s Spring Collection


Oh to be able to buy all of my clothes, furniture and housewares from Anthropologie…

This past week, I received their Spring Home catalog, and man, am I swooning. I think I may have even had a dream or two about their furniture last night…

Anyway, I wanted to give you a little peek in case you don’t get their catalog, and we can dream together about how beautiful our space is going to look someday.  Scroll to the bottom to see the dream living room I pulled together if I had limitless funds and no children to mess it up. But on your way down, take a deep breath, take in the beauty, and think SPRING.

(None of this is sponsored. I just really loved this line!)

Anthropologie's Spring Collection

Anthropologie Spring Collection

Anthropologie Spring Line

Random Things I Love

I have no place for this right now but how cute would this rug be in a nursery? The abstract design, colors, and stripes are screaming “Buy me, Leah!”


I’m seriously considering this wallpaper for our laundry room.  I’ve been shopping for wallpaper for this room for what feels like years and I’m really loving this one.


I love the matte finish of these vases and the colors make me so happy.

Anthropologie Spring Line

The Look for Less

One of my favorite things to do as an interior decorator (and thrifty shopper by heart) is find inspiration in these beautiful, more expensive pieces and see if I can find the same style and design for less. While some pieces like this insanely detailed buffet will never be found anywhere but Anthro, some of their more basic pieces can be found in everyday stores you love.

Enter your favorite everything store and mine: Target.

This portion does include affiliate links. See disclosure page for more info. 

The lamp on the left is Anthropologie, $398.00 while the lamp on the right is Target, $75.99. Just a little difference.

The side table on the left is Anthropologie, on sale for $209.95 and the table on the right is Target, on sale for $55.99.

And one more for fun- the side table on the left is Anthro, $598.00, while the side table on the right, again from Target, is on sale for $183.99! I might even like the design of the one from Target more in this case. And $400 difference!

My Dream Room from Anthropologie Spring Collection

So I couldn’t look at all this awesome new furniture and not pull a room together for myself! These are just some of my favorite pieces while browsing and together they are so fresh and fun. So if anyone has the funds and wants me to design their room in Anthropologie swag, just let me know!


Sunday Morning Wall Art  // Concord Mirror  //   Aurelia Lamp   //  Shenandoah Wall Art  //  Basketweave Linen Sofa  //  Storage Console  //  Tufted Laily Rug  //  Coffee Table  //  Coral Ceramic Stool  //  Banded Stripe Delaney Chair

That striped chair is a show stopper. It reminds me of one of my favorite living rooms by Emily Henderson. Probably because they essentially are the same chair, both from Anthropologie. I’ll be honest though, after pulling the above room together, I think I like mine even more than this one below!

Emily-Henderson_Design-Milk_Modern_Pink_Black-and-White_Jaimie-Derringer_Living-Room_Reveal_1.jpgOh and by the way, just for a frame of reference, that gorgeous living room I pulled above comes in at a measly $8,388.80.  So you better hope no work needs to be done on the room itself.

What are your favorite pieces from this new line? If any of you buy one please let me know so we can be friends and I can come over your house and stare at it. In the least creepiest way possible. Enjoy gushing over these designs and daydreaming about springtime!

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