5 Home Design Trends I’m Loving Right Now

So the last time I did this post, I mentioned how I don’t necessarily describe myself as a trendy person.  On the contrary, I usually feel like if I’m picking up on something, I’m probably the last person to find out about it. While I know some of the trends included in this post are not new, there may be one or two that you haven’t discovered yet. These are the design elements I’m seeing on Instagram, Pinterest and in magazines that make me swoon. I love all of these, and if I had the funds, I would have all of them represented somewhere in my home. I’m dying to know what you think about these 5 trends below. Which one is your favorite? Are there any you hate? And how many do you already have in your home?

Design Trend #1: Black-framed Windows and Doors

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What I would give to switch out all my windows and doors for these black and metal frames? They’re so sharp and modern-looking. They create such clean lines, especially against white walls or siding. Will this trend stick around forever? Probably not, but doors and windows aren’t something people change out like throw pillows, so we will probably see these around for a good amount of time.

Design Trend #2: Carmel-Colored Leather Sofas

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If you’ve been on Instagram at all, you probably have seen an abundance of these delicious, carmel-colored leather sofas that make any room look warm, inviting, and stylish. Will I get another leather sofa? If you asked me two months ago, I would have said definitely no. But these shots literally make me swoon and prayerfully consider purchasing another one.

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image22888.jpgArticle seems to be the number one place people are buying these sofas. This one above is called “Honey Oak.” Doesn’t that just make you fall in love with it? I’m already dreaming about the color combinations I could use with throw pillows on this baby. Buying this sofa immediately takes your living room from a C+ to a solid A. You basically can’t screw up the rest of the room if you have this as your grounding force. Okay, I need to stop talking about this sofa before I write an entire blog post about it…or buy one. Whichever comes first. Moving on…

Design Trend #3: Round Mirrors


Nobody likes a square. Even in design. It’s good to soften up the edges every once in awhile. Enter in the round mirror trend that’s been going on for a few years now. While round mirrors might not stick around forever, investing in pieces that add a circular element to your room will be always be a wise decision.

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You can also round out your room with circular coffee tables, poofs, light fixtures, or end tables. When you’re finished reading this post, walk through your home and notice all of the straight edges and right angles. Ponder where you might be able to add in a circular piece and I guarantee it will add interest and style to your space.

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Round Brass Mirror  //  Black Umbra Round Mirror  //  Round Rattan Mirror– World Market

Design Trend #4: Hanging Planters

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We all know plants are good to have inside. They produce oxygen, eliminate toxins, add texture and color to any space, and apparently, they improve your overall mood. To add an additional layer of awesomeness to your indoor plants, try hanging them from the ceiling. This technique draws your eye up, utilizes the vertical space in your room, and opens up room on your tabletops for other things- like more plants.

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 Jute Hanging Planter- Target    //   Succulent Wall Planter

Design Trend #5: Sputnik Chandeliers

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I know there’s only a matter of days left of this design trend. These light fixtures are just too unique and weird to be filed under “classic.” Trends like this are fast and furious, and while I never have invested in one for that very reason, I have enjoyed their show-stopper quality that draws you into any room in which they are placed.

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                         Amazon   //   2. All Modern– Only $79.99!  //  3. West Elm

Okay so now tell me, which of these design trends are your favorite? I think I still might be drooling over that leather sofa…


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