5 Home Design Trends I’m Loving Right Now


I wouldn’t consider myself a super trendy person. The word itself usually makes me back away from whatever the trend is, and search to find something more classic and timeless.

HOWEVER, pouring over interior images as much as I do throughout the day, there are a few elements I see that bring me so much joy.  These are things I find worth buying because I see them as design statements that would make me happy for a very long time.  So let’s get right into it.  Ladies and gents, the top 5 home design trends I am loving RIGHT NOW:

  1. White Kitchen Appliances

I’m going to start off my list with a trend that I’m not even sure you can call a “trend” per se.  You can’t find these white appliances very many places. But I am willing to predict that this will be an upcoming trend as people start to tire of stainless steal. These are definitely not our white appliances of the 80’s, rather they are more modern and industrial-looking.  I think what really gets me about them though is that while they’re modern, they also have a nostalgic, retro feel.

The Inspired Room

Addicted to Decorating

2. Millennial Pink

I have never been a huge fan of pink. Lately however, I’m finding myself approaching obsession. Maybe it’s because my daughter loves it and I have another little girl on the way, or maybe it’s this beautiful shade of blush/coral that designers are using in their rooms these days that’s making me swoon. It’s so happy, and when used against a neutral background, gives such a fun pop of color, I immediately fall in love with the room.

What is millennial pink you ask? Well, it actually encompasses many different shades of pink. What it isn’t is fuchsia, Barbie Doll pink, or bubble gum. Think, classier and softer than that. Whatever it is, I am loving it and I want it in my house.  Fashion and interior designers are also eating it up, and if you pay attention, you will start to see it everywhere.

The Zoe Report  //  Domino.com

One King’s Lane

3. Buffalo Check

Anyone else feel me on this? Buffalo check used to remind me of fall and lumberjacks. But now, I’m loving it for year-round home accents. A big trend this past spring was gingham everything. Meh, not so much for me. Give me the bigger plaid. Something about it says, come on in and get cozy, while I sit here and make a huge statement.

Land of Nod  // Monika Hibbs

4. Wallpaper

I’m not talking about your grandmother’s wallpaper.  Wallpaper these days are works of art. Statements in your home that pack so much personality and character in a space, you can work the rest of your design plan around it. The prints these companies are coming out with are truly stunning. Seen below are samples from Lindsay Cowles Wallpaper, Etsy.com, and Anthropologie.


5. Poufs

Are any of you tired of these things yet? I gotta say, they’ve been around for a little while, but this is a trend I am totally not tired of. If anything, I want more, more, more! Poufs in every room please! Stat!

Laybabylay.com / Unknown Source
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These are just a few of the design trends I find myself drawn to these days. What trends and styles are you loving and can’t get enough of? Have you incorporated of my favorites into your home yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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