Round 3 Baby Must-Haves

My final Baby Must-Haves Post! This is our last little bundle of joy! And as always, it’s super fun to shop for them! Seems like only yesterday I posted about my must-have’s for when Logan was born. I’m still a huge fan of all those items, but since we already have them, this list is just a few little things for Baby #3.

Since we’re having our THIRD baby girl, there seriously isn’t a ton of stuff I need. But every baby deserves some new, pretty things when they enter the world. Being an interior design/mommy blogger (yes, it’s a thing), there are so many amazing businesses I follow on Instagram. I really want to save my purchases for special items from small businesses (especially mommy-owned ones), and only buy products I really love- since I have a whole bunch of Carter’s and Old Navy clothes waiting in the wings from my other daughter’s hand-me-downs.

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Solly Baby Wrap – I used a wrap for the first time with my second baby and I loved it. Once I got past the intimidation of actually figuring out how to wrap myself up, it was much more comfortable and sleek than a typical baby carrier. I also felt like it hugged the baby in all the right places. The Solly Baby wrap just looks so lightweight and breathable, which I will definitely need during the summer months when the baby is prime baby-wrap age. Not to mention, with this being our third kid, I’m completely out of arms to hold anyone. This babe will be worn if she wants to be held.

Snuggle Me Organic– So I’ve never used a baby lounger before, but I love the idea of them. Something light and easy that you can move from place-to-place and the baby feels snug and safe. While every parent hopes their baby will be a good sleeper, I have not had the best of luck with my previous two. We never brought them into our bed either, so on nights where we were exhausted and wouldn’t mind them just sleeping on our chest while we lay in our bed, we brought them in and they thought it was a party. With this baby, I’m actually okay with sticking her in one of these baby loungers in between Dave and me if it means we all get a more restful sleep. We’ll see. Fingers crossed!

Newborn Essential BundleLou Lou and Company is one of the mommy-created companies I follow on Instagram that I just love to see succeed and grow. Their products are absolutely beautiful and well-made. They sell out like hotcakes though so if you see something you like, grab it. I would love for this baby to be brought home from the hospital in this sweet set, all soft and snug-as-a-bug.

Ryan and Rose Cutie Pat and Cutie Clip– I love this company. Mompreneur working out of her own home and killing it! Her pacifiers and teethers come in about a billion adorable colors and her pacifier clips are designed short enough to be safe for sleeping. If you don’t follow Ryan and Rose on Instagram, you should.

Hatch Baby Rest – This nightlight and sound machine-in-one is connected to your phone for those little changes in sound or light that soothe your baby back to sleep. These can be used through toddlerhood into the preschool years to give your kids a sign that it’s time to get up. My five year old still uses a nightlight and loves that this one changes colors. And the more kids you add to your home, the more a sound machine becomes a necessity!

Convertible Carseat – This carseat will actually be for our middle child, who will be handing over her infant carseat to the baby. This Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat can take baby from infant all the way to booster seat. That’s up to 10 years of use! They also have a brand new model of this carseat that has a removable cover which can be taken off in 60 seconds withOUT detaching the seat from the car. This speaks to me during those fun potty-training days.

Bottle Sterilizer – Cleaning bottle parts around the clock can take its toll. I love this Avent Bottle Sterilizer that you can just put in the microwave for two minutes and all your bottle parts and breast pump accessories are clean and ready-to-use.

Avent Bottle Warmer – I know some of you may be thinking this little electronic device is overkill. After all, I have not used one of these for my previous two babies. However, both of my children (especially my second one) refused to drink their bottles cold, especially when we switched from formula to milk. We also happen to live in a house where it takes our water a LONG time to heat up. I feel a little sick when I think of all the water we’ve wasted warming up these bottles for our kids. I always used Playtex drop-ins which aren’t compatible with a bottle warmer, but for baby #3, I think I am switching to Avent bottles.

Burt’s Bees Extra Absorbent Burp Cloths – These are things you should probably get new with each baby. Burp cloths get so much use and are inexpensive enough that starting fresh each time is probably a good idea. I always look for large, super absorbent burp cloths that will actually protect my shoulders and clothes from the inevitable spit-ups and spills.

Baby Memory Book- I like to keep a baby memory book for each of my kids, each one a little different. Le Petite Baby Book is so cute with lots of creative pages to keep track of all those memories you are bound to forget. They have so many beautiful baby books out there nowadays, it’s so fun to look through them and pick the one that is just your vibe and style.

So that’s the list for this babe! There’s obviously more you will need if this is your first baby, but this is really all I want and need for baby #3. Check out my Amazon Baby Registry for all this and more of the day-to-day things Or create your own Amazon Baby Registry by clicking the link below!

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