Pregnancy Thoughts and Newborn Necessities


I can’t believe we are only a few weeks out from having another human live in our house.  Just like the last one, this baby doesn’t go through any sort of interview process or application to take up residence in our home. She’s going to move-in and be a part of our family whether we like her or not.

I’m kidding, of course. All three of us cannot wait to meet this sweet little baby.  My four-year-old gets giddy at least once a day thinking about finally having a little sister.

I’m amazed at how much calmer I feel this time around than when I was pregnant with Riley. I think I cried for the first 5 weeks after I found out I was pregnant with her. I was completely terrified, not to mention a little embarrassed.  Dave and I had only been married for about 5 weeks when we got pregnant and I was still so blindly in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. We already had gotten slack from family and some friends for getting married young. We got married at 24, which nowadays seems super young to some people.  As “good Christian kids,” everyone teased that we would get pregnant right away and start popping out lots of babies.  I tried my best to convince everyone we wanted to wait a few years until we had kids, so we could enjoy being married and do a bit of traveling.

While I’ve always loved children, at the age of 24, I preferred being with adults without children way more.  It probably had something to do with the fact that I was teaching my worst class of 6th graders at the time and came home everyday screaming or on the brink of tears.

My resistance to being pregnant was also in huge part because of fear. I can’t ACTUALLY birth a human. It’s physically impossible for me to do that….right???  And on a selfish note, I just got married and was feeling and looking the best I had in my life. I had a bunch of cute new clothes from my honeymoon, all in these tiny sizes, and I really wasn’t trying to lose my shape after JUST marrying my super good-looking husband!

Well, we plan. We fret. We worry. And God laughs.

He knew it was time for Dave and I to have a child. And he blessed me with a wonderfully easy pregnancy (after the crying stopped) and a simple, smooth delivery of our sweet Riley Grace. She’s been a doll her whole life, and is more and more like her mama every day. I tell her she’s my bff, and the older she gets, the more I believe it to be true.

Riley and Me

A few years later, after Dave and I felt like we gained at least a little control on our lives, we decided to try for baby #2. This one didn’t come so easily, or quickly. We tried for over a year, each month leading to disappointment, sometimes tears, but most of all, being forced to trust in God, who seems to always have Dave and my best interests at heart (funny how He cares like that).

After reluctantly making an appointment with an infertility specialist, that magical month came, and I FINALLY took a positive pregnancy test, just a few days before my scheduled appointment.  We were SOO happy.


Since then, its been a great 8 months. I would definitely have to say this pregnancy has been more uncomfortable physically than the first, but I’m not on my feet teaching anymore like I was with Riley.  I write a blog which I can do from any room in our house, even my bed if need be.  Riley, at least during the earlier months of the pregnancy, was still taking naps, so I was able to lie down when I needed to in those weary months of fatigue.

There are some other calming factors heading into baby #2.  This time, I KNOW I can actually birth a human. I’ve got one childbirth under my belt already. And I KNOW what I’m getting into as far as nursing, postpartum pains and annoyances, and the fact that Dave and I make a pretty great parenting team. He’s so good with Riley, and he’ll be a seasoned pro with this little one.  What I love about him is how excited he is to have another girl.  Melts my heart.

Riley and Dave

I have no idea what to expect in terms of this child’s personality or even how this particular delivery will go, but if having one child has taught me anything, its that we have very little control over things we think we have control over. All we can do is pray, breathe, and give it all over to the One who created us in the first place.

Beach Fun

I’ve had several new moms and moms-to-be ask me what I think is a MUST in terms of newborn supplies.  Honestly, babies have been raised with very little, if any, of the comforts and technology we have today and they have turned out just fine.  But if you’re making a registry, especially for those minimalists out there that don’t want every gadget and gizmo, there are a few things I would recommend.

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Baby Must Haves

  1. A great stroller. UppaBaby Vista – This is one expensive stroller but it’s freakin awesome. I used it (and still do) with Riley and will keep using it with this next baby. It has the biggest storage basket underneath and is so versatile. The new ones are beautiful but I still love my good ole’ 2013 version.
  2. Swaddles– I used these muslin swaddle blankets before but now they have these great swaddles that attach to themselves. Genius.
  3. Fisher Price Rock n Play- I did not have this with Riley but I hear people swear by it. I like how it tucks in the baby making them feel secure but they’re still on their backs.
  4. Baby Swing – These are great if your baby actually like them (mine did NOT). I know some babies that absolutely love these things though. Gives mom plenty of time to do other things without holding baby.
  5. A great diaper bag backpack– I got this one for myself and will be blogging about it very soon. It’s all over Instagram and even though I haven’t broken it in yet, I look at it and swoon on a daily basis.
  6. Baby Wrap or Carrier – I used this Ergobaby with Riley and loved it, but these new wraps seem to be the deal and they look super comfortable. My brother and sister-in-law love their Baby Bjorn as well.
  7. Pacifier Clip – These little lifesavers are great because they not only keep track of baby’s pacifier, the attachments themselves are actually teethers as well.
  8. Boppy – These pillows that wrap around your waist definitely help your back in the beginning when you are feeding ALL. THE. TIME.


Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

And now for a few things that I don’t NEED, but think are absolutely adorable and will probably end up buying for this baby.


Baby Wish List

  1. Baby Headbands – I’m a sucker for headbands.
  2. Baby Bibs/Scarves – Never tried these trendy scarves before, but I’m thinking about giving it a go…
  3. Lenny Lemons “Isabelle” Outfit- I just love their stuff!!
  4. Baby Moccasins– I’m a little obsessed with these.
  5. Another adorable Lenny Lemons outfit- “Jules”
  6. Carseat Canopy– this cover is also a scarf AND a nursing cover.  Soo functional and stylish.

If you ARE an expecting mom and would like to know the all-encompassing list of products your baby will need, you can download this freebie here!  This is my personal take on baby essentials and will definitely leave you prepared and ready-to-go for your new bundle of joy to come home.

35 Must-haves for a new baby


Photography by the very talented Serena Rose Photography <3

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