The BEST Diaper Bag Ever!

Okay mamas, and mamas-to-be! I’ve been waiting to share this little treasure for a few months now.  This is one of my favorite new purchases from baby #2.  The Land Baby Diaper Bag has been such a lifesaver for our family and its popularity is spreading throughout my little pocket of the world!

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links but this is NOT a sponsored post! I just love this product and needed to share it with all of you!

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Welcome Spring with these Fun Crafts for the Kids!

Spring Craft Ideas

The sun is shining, it’s 71 degrees outside, and it’s….February. Is this real life? It literally just snowed a week ago. The flu virus is still sweeping homes and schools across the nation. And yet, all I can do is put on a t-shirt and think about longer days and playing outside.

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The Day Logan was Born


Baby #2. My Sweet Logan Olivia.

She’s finally here. What a blessing this baby is! It’s amazing how loved a brand new child can be when they haven’t done a single thing for any of us yet.  They can’t say “I love you,” or “Thank you,” or even offer a smile to let us know they like us.  But something happens when they are born, that their parents and all who meet them simply fall in love with them.

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8 Must-Have Pregnancy Products


As many of you loyal readers and friends know, Dave and I are expecting baby #2 this October. Woo-hoo!! There are about 56,875 ladies (give or take) I know right now who are pregnant.  This might be a slight exaggeration.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d pick their brain about their favorite pregnancy products that they’re using right now.  With their help, as well as a few of my own faves, I’ve put together this round-up of the top 8 Pregnancy Products you can’t live without! So without further ado, here they are!

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