Pregnancy Thoughts and Newborn Necessities


I can’t believe we are only a few weeks out from having another human live in our house.  Just like the last one, this baby doesn’t go through any sort of interview process or application to take up residence in our home. She’s going to move-in and be a part of our family whether we like her or not.

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Help! Pregnancy Has Made Me Indecisive.

Best Friends for Frosting Nursery Pic

Okay, so it could be pregnancy. It could also be that I am just pretty bad at making decorating decisions in my own home.  For clients and friends, it’s much easier for me. But this baby’s nursery is giving me gray hair. Well, more gray hair.

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8 Must-Have Pregnancy Products


As many of you loyal readers and friends know, Dave and I are expecting baby #2 this October. Woo-hoo!! There are about 56,875 ladies (give or take) I know right now who are pregnant.  This might be a slight exaggeration.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d pick their brain about their favorite pregnancy products that they’re using right now.  With their help, as well as a few of my own faves, I’ve put together this round-up of the top 8 Pregnancy Products you can’t live without! So without further ado, here they are!

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