Area Rug Round-up for Kids

Area Rug Round-upFor Kid Spaces

The area rug. The grounding force in any room, no pun intended. Finding one can be a daunting task.  Today I’ve rounded up 24 area rugs for all price points and all kinds of kid spaces. Each of these picks (except for the princess rug- but that was just too cute not to include) can grow with your child and keep your house looking stylish instead of looking like a day care.

This post contains some affiliate links. However, my opinions of the following rug choices are my favorite and most vouched for- affiliate or not. 

Let us start with the little ladies. It’s important to remember that even though pink is super cute and classic, you do not have to have everything pink in order to have a girly nursery.

Girl Nursery Area Rugs (1)More Girls Area Rugs

  1.  Isabelle Rug, Pottery Barn Kids  /  This is probably my favorite of the bunch. So traditional but a bit funky at the same time. Would definitely add character and a sophisticated touch to any girl’s room.
  2. Princess Rug, Land of Nod / So much whimsy- this will make any little girl dream about being royal.
  3. McKenna Rug, Pottery Barn Kids / Classic design, classic color.
  4. Delaney Rug, Pottery Barn Kids / Plush and velvety.  Comes in a lot of colors but I love this for a girl’s nursery.
  5. Sivas Wool Kilim Rug, West Elm / I’ve had my eye on this rug for over a year. These colors, that pattern, its a show stopper for sure.
  6. Hadley Rug, Pottery Barn Kids / A feminine ice blue color, this shows blue can be a girl’s color too.

Boy Nursery Area Rugs (1)Untitled drawing

  1. Texture and Color Block Area Rug, Target / Is it wrong to want to have a boy just so I can buy this area rug?? I LOoooooVE it!!
  2. Ace and Jig Blue Boho Rug, Land of Nod / So fun and bold, with a Scandinavian feel
  3. Safavieh Neo Rug, Target / Pastel blue and ivory geometric rug. Soft and simple, but still adds a punch to your floor.
  4. Phoenix Wool Dhurrie Rug, West Elm / Great color and pattern. I think this would look great with warm wood tones for the furniture.
  5. Kaleidoscope Wool Rug, West Elm / This rug comes in several different colors, but is soft and plush and gives a great base for a boy’s room.
  6. Shay Printed Rug, Pottery Barn Kids / A bit more elegant with a vintage flair, this rug will definitely stick around even after your boy is out of his newborn stages.

Neutral Area Rugs (1)More Neutral Rugs

  1. Threshold Sahara Rug, Target / This would look awesome with white furniture or a really light oak in my opinion. You could add pops of color with bedding and decor or just keep the pallet calm and simple.
  2. Khaki Rugby Stripe Rug, Target / I just suggested this rug for a friend doing her baby boy’s nursery. The rest of the decor is black and white and these rugby stripes give the room such a bold, fun look.
  3. Kasbah Wool Rug, West Elm / If I bought this rug for my child’s nursery, I would expect them to keep it and eventually put it in their swanky apartment when they leave home. This rug is so stylish and versatile, it belongs on every area rug round-up there is.
  4. Ryland Wool Rug, Serena and Lily / Beautiful and Scandinavian-inspired, I get all warm and cozy when I think of this rug in a nursery.
  5. Gold Bars Area Rug, Land of Nod / Again, I’m loving this rich yellow color for nurseries. This rug definitely grows with your child and can be pumped up with pops of bright pink for girls or black or navy blue for boys.
  6. Fringe Rug, Land of Nod / This would look so pretty with wood furniture. It definitely works today with the growing trend of creating nurseries that don’t look like nurseries.

Playroom Area Rugs (1)More Playroom Rugs (1)

  1. Berber Handmade Tribal Diamonds, RugsUSA / So bright and colorful. Make sure you have a soft neutral paint color (like pale gray) in the room that this rug is in.
  2. DOFTRANKA Area Rug, IKEA / This rug is sooo much fun. And at $49.99 for a 6’x4′?? I’ll take it!
  3. Totally Triangular Rug, Land of Nod /  Again, this rug is colorful, works for boys and girls, and totally lends itself to playtime and creativity.
  4. LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, IKEA / This flat-woven area rug is great for playrooms with its bold design and easy-to clean material.
  5. Vienna Wool Killim Rug, West Elm / I love these softer colors that still give off a fun vibe.
  6. nuLoom Hand Tufted Belini Rug, Target / I wish I had a spot for this super cute rug. And it’s on sale right now!

Hopefully this round-up was helpful! If you’re in the market for an area rug, these are definitely some of my favorite places to start your search. And if you’re planning on designing a nursery or kids space sometime soon, pin this post for later! Happy rug shopping 🙂

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