Small, Simple, Scandinavian Nursery Reveal

nursery reveal

I say this every time I finish a room in our house, but this nursery really might be my favorite room in the house. This former hot tub/sauna room from when we moved in, which transformed into the girls’ playroom, has now been given the ultimate face lift and has become what it was always meant to be: a stunningly simple baby girl’s nursery.

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Baby Girl Nursery Plan

Claire Krista

Hi friends! It’s that time again! Time to start planning out Baby H’s nursery! I can’t believe we’re over halfway there already! If you’ve been following along with my Instagram stories lately, you probably know that in addition to planning for baby #3, we’ve also been house hunting. We’ve seen some beautiful homes (and some not-so-beautiful ones). However, we sat down a few weeks ago and decided to remove some of that stress from our lives. We can always move, but we do not need to hold the baby’s due date over our heads as a deadline. Does anyone else do that when they’re pregnant? Feel like ALL of your life decisions MUST be figured out before the baby comes? I have felt like that during all three of my pregnancies. Probably something to do with the anticipation mixed with a lot of restless energy.

So for now, I’ll keep an eye out for that perfect house in our budget, but we’ve gained a new respect for staying put, and making the most of what we’ve already been given. I really do love our house. I’m not crazy about the location, but the house itself has been very good to us. It also has a lot of potential I’ve been itching to expose. I’ve got my list of projects I would love to get started on, but for now, this baby’s nursery is taking priority.

I know you’re probably thinking by this time, I should be an expert on girl nurseries. And I might agree with that. You can click here to check out Logan’s Millennial Pink nursery from last year. I’m planning this one out a bit differently though. My thought for this baby’s nursery is to almost go gender-neutral with it. Mostly whites and woods, maybe a touch of soft pink here or there.

The Existing Space

This is the girls’ playroom that we will be using for the nursery. In the bottom-right picture of the two doors, the door on the left leads into our master bedroom, and the door on the right leads to the den. We’re obviously going to need to get rid of that tile floor (something that’s been on my punch list for years), and I will probably paint the wood paneling white. I’m contemplating leaving the wall with the large window unpainted.

This room gets tons of light which I love but unfortunately, can be a pain for a sleeping babe. We will need to account for that skylight as well as the huge window that takes up the whole one wall. Here’s what I’m thinking in terms of style:

My Inspiration

A Merry Mishap

I love the Scandinavian feel of this nursery above. I’m even contemplating that white floor. The room we’re putting this baby in is about this size too. We have an extra bedroom in our house but it’s currently being used as my office/storage. We talked about moving my office into this space and using the bedroom for the nursery, but I love how this room is attached to our master bedroom and I won’t have to walk throughout the house to get to the baby in the middle of the night.

This inspo pic, other than being adorable, is for my husband. He is a big Friday Night Lights Fan- so I’ll know if he read my post when he mentions something to me about that letter board. I’m just really liking the calmness of the color pallet in here- but notice how much texture they’ve incorporated through the rug, wicker, plants and lampshade.

I’m always drawn to a black-and-white pin-stripe. I’ve had this nursery pinned for a long time. I think it’s neutral and calming, while still being interesting.

My Initial Plans

  1. Baby Sleeping Door Sign 2. You Are Magic Print 3. Asterisk Ceiling Light- Project 62 4. White Roman Shade 5. Restoration Hardware Sheet Set 6. Crib 7. Area Rug- Lulu&Georgia 8. Wayfair Dresser/Changing Table

This mood board will surely see some changes over the next few weeks, but this is my starting point. I’m going to try my best to keep costs down, so we can do other things to our house. Plus, I really do have plenty of little girl things for this nursery. Buying another crib might be a tough sell for my hubs too. But I’ll keep you updated! In the mean time, what do you think?? More color? Too much color? If anyone has had a good experience with skylight shades, let me know! I haven’t even started looking into that yet. Sixteen weeks left

Logan’s Nursery Reveal

Logan's nursery

Finally!! The time has come for our sweet baby’s nursery reveal.  Man, this room took some time. Kid spaces are one of my favorite spaces to design and as soon as Dave and I got pregnant, the excitement started for what this new nursery was going to look like. For the first 20 weeks when I swore I was having a boy, my ideas were obviously headed in a completely different direction than where they needed to be. It took me awhile to get my head around planning another girl nursery, and this pregnancy made me super indecisive.  I finally got brave enough to start with a solid design plan in July and finished this room literally the day before Logan was born.  While there are still one or two things I may add down the road, this room is definitely one of my favorite spaces ever, and other than Riley’s room, it’s my favorite space in the house.

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Kid Closet Organization that Will Make Life Easier!

Kid CLoset ORganization

I LOVE organization.

Pregnancy has possibly led me to an obsession-level love of organization.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than when my home is organized.  As an interior decorator, I can go on and on about the emotional side of your home and what this place means to me and my family.  But functionally speaking, I want this place to run like a factory, as cold and heartless as that sounds.

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