Help! Pregnancy Has Made Me Indecisive.

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Okay, so it could be pregnancy. It could also be that I am just pretty bad at making decorating decisions in my own home.  For clients and friends, it’s much easier for me. But this baby’s nursery is giving me gray hair. Well, more gray hair.

Before I start, I want apologize in advance for this selfish post, as I shamelessly admit my decision-making inability and plead for your help in this matter.  I try my best to be the one to GIVE you information and tips in each of my blog posts, but in an effort to build on this community blog of give-and-take, today I am looking to take a little.  In addition to that, as I continue to grow this exciting and fun blog adventure, I am starting to feel like I know you and the audience I am writing to and I genuinely would love your input on the design of Baby H’s nursery.  Okay, back to my decision-making woes…

My first conundrum was whether or not to paint or wallpaper.  I decided on paint because wallpaper is expensive and I wanted to splurge on other things.  I also felt like I could always come in and add wallpaper later, but I needed to get something up on those beige walls.

The next decision was whether or not to add moulding. I had a board-and-batten idea in my head for months. The problem was, the rest of my house does not have traditional moulding and I didn’t want this room to look out-of-place. I ended up with a happy compromise, something you will have to wait to see until the final room reveal in a few weeks.

I have a crib, bedding, and a changing table. So now my issue is purchasing a glider. This is the glider I used for Riley’s nursery:

Riley's Room, Glider

It was a hand-me-down that my parents had reupholstered for me.  I still love the fabric and it would actually go quite well in the new baby’s nursery (I’m doing yellow accents in there) but there are a few reasons I don’t want to move it. 1) I still sit in this chair when I’m in Riley’s room. I use it for bedtime stories and when we’re just hanging out in there. And 2) While it is a comfortable, smooth glider, it was not ideal for nursing.  The back was too high that I couldn’t let my head lay back when it was 3:30 in the morning. Also, the armrests were not padded, so I usually needed an additional pillow.

Other problems I’m running into is that the gliders I’m seeing are SO expensive! I wanted to spend under $300 and it is NOT easy!! I find myself checking Babies R’ Us everyday to see if the price on a particular chair has dropped. Another problem is I can’t sit in all of these chairs for myself.  Many of the big box stores don’t have floor models of the chairs I’m looking for. Comfort is huge for me and I don’t JUST want to buy a chair that looks good. That’s where I’m hoping you guys can help me with chairs you’ve actually sat in and liked!

So here’s what I’m looking for. Give me your suggestions, what you use at home, anything.

  1. A back that’s high enough I can rest back on but low enough my head can comfortably lie back when I’m falling asleep in the middle of the night.
  2. Comfortable arm rests or a seat that’s big enough for a pillow (or child) to be next to me.
  3. INEXPENSIVE! This is my second child and while I want this nursery to be adorable, I am not willing to pay an arm and a leg for a glider.
  4. One without an ottoman. And no recliners. I already have an ottoman ready and waiting for its glider counterpart.
  5. I’m open to color, but I’ve been looking at gray, white or cream.

Here are some of the options that I’m looking at. Do any of you have experience with these gliders that you can speak to?


Delta Children Middleton Glider

Delta Children Middleton Nursery Glider, Cream

What I’m hesitant about: I’m not SUPER keen on the brushed nickel studs. I don’t have any other metal accents in the room- but it does look super comfortable and (at times), the price is right.

DaVinci Glider


DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner with Cream Piping, Grey Finish

Monte Como Glider, Project NurseryI’m kinda feeling this more modern look of the DaVinci glider. Pretty good price, just not sure about the comfort or back and neck support.



Monte Design Como Glider

I love the look of this one- but it’s WAAYY too expensive. This is more just to give you a feel for my style.




Delta Children Milan Glider


Delta Children Milan Glider

This is one I’ve had my eye on for about 5 months now. The price keeps going up and down but the color and style are right. It’s really just the fact that I haven’t sat in it- and I’ve called all around to see if stores have a floor model and no dice. Anyone ever sit in this one before?



Pottery Barn Comfort Glider


Pottery Barn, Comfort Square Arm Glider and Ottoman

I mean, if Pottery Barn wants to just GIVE me this chair, I will totally take it! It’s beautiful! Love the crisp white AND that it has a slipcover to easily clean.



Looking through so many inspiration pics of nurseries on blogs and Pinterest, I see so many fashionable gliders that are just that- fashionable. Either they don’t rock or you can tell just by looking at them that they don’t have the comfort necessary to make it through those inevitable long nights. I’m willing to take other suggestions, but these are the ones that line up with my style the most. Please weigh in and if any of you actually have one of these, I’d love to hear if you like it and why.

Oh and P.S.- Diaper bag suggestions are welcome as well!


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