Welcome Spring with these Fun Crafts for the Kids!

Spring Craft Ideas

The sun is shining, it’s 71 degrees outside, and it’s….February. Is this real life? It literally just snowed a week ago. The flu virus is still sweeping homes and schools across the nation. And yet, all I can do is put on a t-shirt and think about longer days and playing outside.

Whatever the groundhog said, it’s time to start getting ready for Spring. If you’re like me and always looking for fun and creative things for your little ones to do that will both keep them quiet and away from the tv, check out these fun kid crafts that will help you decorate their rooms for Spring!

  1. Easy Beaded Butterflies


Materials: Pipe cleaners and pony beads.


Step 1: Let kids thread beads on the pipe cleaners until almost full. You will need one pipe cleaner for each wing.


Step 2: Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to create an oval.

Spring Crafts

Step 3: Pinch the oval and wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around to create a wing. Repeat the same steps for your second wing.

Spring Butterfly Craft

Step 4: We put one bead on the spare end and then twisted the two pipe cleaner ends together to create antennae.

Spring Crafts

And there you have it! A cute and colorful butterfly to hang in a window of your kid’s room!

Spring Butterfly Crafts

2. Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Spring Crafts

These were so fun to make, especially the part where we painted the flower pots. These little planters were 89 cents at AC Moore! I should have bought tons of them since they were such a hit. Fill them up with some paper grass and stick your pipe cleaner flowers in them! Decorate your shelves and you instantly make it feel like spring! View tutorial here.

Spring Crafts
Little hands painting her pot pink, of course.


3. Flower and Butterfly Wreath


Materials: Colorful cardstock, scissors, paper or foam plate, ribbon, glue, green crayon and stick-on butterflies.


I traced flowers, leaves, and dots on the cardstock for Riley to cut out. She cut some and I cut some when she got tired.


I cut the center of the white plate out and she colored the border green for the background of the wreath. Then we glued on the flowers, centers and leaves around the plate. Finally, she stuck on the foam stick-on butterflies I found at AC Moore and voila! I stapled a pink ribbon at the top of the plate so I could hang the wreath on her closet door. It adds just the right amount of cuteness to her bedroom.


For Bigger Kids

If your kiddos aren’t as into arts and crafts as you are, print out this fun St. Patrick’s Day crossword puzzle for them! It’s totally free! Also, be sure to check out Education.com for more fun learning resources.


I hope you and your little ones enjoy these crafts as much as my daughter and I did! The sooner we decorate for spring, the sooner it will come, right? Let me know which activity was your favorite and feel free to link any other fun ones you’ve tried in the comments section! Here’s to spring!

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