8 Must-Have Pregnancy Products


As many of you loyal readers and friends know, Dave and I are expecting baby #2 this October. Woo-hoo!! There are about 56,875 ladies (give or take) I know right now who are pregnant.  This might be a slight exaggeration.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d pick their brain about their favorite pregnancy products that they’re using right now.  With their help, as well as a few of my own faves, I’ve put together this round-up of the top 8 Pregnancy Products you can’t live without! So without further ado, here they are!

Mind you, these are JUST for the pregnant mama. No baby products yet. That post will be coming out later on. 

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  1. Snoogle Total Body Pillow

While I do not use this specific pillow, I DO use a standard body pillow and can testify to the benefits of having leg and tummy support while you sleep.  (I even use my body pillow when ‘m not pregnant). The Snoogle adds an extra feature that many moms love which is lower back support- something I have definitely been struggling with this pregnancy.  Honestly, anything to help you get a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant is a quality investment in my mind. Word to the wise though mamas- husbands do NOT like these pillows.  Be ready for a few scowls a week if you purchase this sucker. Just a heads up. 

2. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

I’m not quite in stretch-mark territory yet- but with my last baby, I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for my growing belly. While it worked like a charm- not a single stretch mark left behind- I really was not a fan of the cocoa butter smell. This lotion was a recommendation from another pregnant mama so I’m going to give it a try with this baby.

3.  Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Maternity Cami

Anything that can support you but not add discomfort (see underwire, harsh fabrics, etc.) is a must when you’re pregnant. These are great to layer with as well as wear after the baby comes to hold in your crazy new body. 

See my post here on the Blanqi Support Tank that I tried and absolutely LOVED! Definitely a fan of Ingrid and Isabel, but if you need some intense support like I did, there’s nothing better than this tank!

Must have pregnancy products

4. Pre-natal Vitamins

These should be taken as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, or even when you are trying to get pregnant. What I look for in a vitamin is 1) that it is small enough for me to swallow (some prenatal vitamins look like horse pills) and 2) that is doesn’t upset my stomach.  These are two brands that you can get without a prescription and are easy on the tummy. 

5. Morning Sickness Remedies

This one is an unfortunate truth. While some women are luckier than others, nausea or morning sickness is likely to strike at some point during your pregnancy, most commonly in the first trimester. Saltines, ginger ale, pretzels, and a bottle of Tums are always good staples to carry in your home.  Some women even keep a stash next on their night stands so they can have a few bites before stepping out of bed in the morning. 

6. Soft and comfortable maternity clothes

 Man am I feeling this one lately! I don’t want anything touching my skin that isn’t soft and comfortable. I’m exaggerating a bit but not much. One day I want to invent a line of clothing for women that is as soft and comforting as newborn baby clothes. None of this restricting clothing in harsh fabrics. Only the softest of the soft. 

It’s tough to find maternity clothes that are fun and flattering and don’t make you look like a whale.  I found what may be my new favorite website the other day called Pink Blush that sells maternity and regular sizes for women.  They’re so pretty, fun and reasonably priced. I just bought this cardigan the other day and I can’t wait to wear it!

7. Yoga Classes or an At-Home DVD

Not everyone is into yoga. For me, I love it because when I’m pregnant (and even when I’m not pregnant) it essentially acts as a free trip to the chiropractor.  It lets my spine lengthen, my neck crack, and realigns my body so well.  I feel so much better and taller after doing yoga, especially when I’m pregnant and feel like all my internal organs are cramped up and squished. I’ve been using this yoga DVD for probably 10 years. Yes, I was a fan of Bethenny Frankel back in the day, and think she’s hilarious. But what I like about this dvd is how NOT annoying or hokey the instructor is. Very down-to-earth and helpful.   It’s a good choice for people who want a good workout but aren’t necessarily a “yoga person.”

8. Wardrobe Extenders

I have a couple skinny-mini friends who only carry their baby weight in their belly. No added cushion in the butt, hips, thighs, NOTHIN.  [Enter eye roll here]. For these lucky ladies, they are able to get away with simple wardrobe extenders rather than a whole new maternity wardrobe. This is basically just a genius band that attaches to your jeans or dress pants that allow them to “close” without being buttoned-up. Even if you end up getting maternity pants later on, these bands can get you through the first couple of months when your regular pants start to feel uncomfortable. 

Hopefully this round-up was helpful for some of you pregnant ladies, or ladies who are planning on getting pregnant. In addition to the goodies above, my favorite must-have of pregnancy treat should be a given. Mmmmm, ice cream. This will definitely come in handy since the bulk of my pregnancy will be throughout the summer.

Ice cream

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