Two Adorable Boy Nurseries and Some Big News!

Well, we had our ultrasound last week and the baby was in a great position to determine the gender.  Turns out my motherly instinct needs some tweaking. I have told EVERYONE we are having a boy. I had such a strong gut feeling about it. I even told Dave we didn’t need to find out the sex because I was so sure it was going to be a boy. We decided to find out mainly for our four-year-old daughter who has been praying for a sister since before Dave and I even got pregnant. I knew she would need the time to adjust to having a brother before he actually got here.

Well, turns out, she was right!! We’re having a GIRL!!
I never thought that I would be the mother of two girls. I am the only girl in my family with two older brothers. And Dave is from a family of four boys. I thought Riley was going to be my little treat from God and we would have a couple of boys to round out the family. I am SO excited to be having another little girl. For one thing, she can wear some of the adorable clothes I saved from when Riley was a baby. We also have somewhere in the ballpark of 55 princess dresses that can be used again as well as tons of little girl toys that will be put to good use.
The only problem is, I literally have only been thinking about boy stuff for the last couple of months. I even created two mood boards I was going to use for the nursery once we knew for sure it was a boy. Luckily for all of you, I’ve decided to post them here in case anyone else is having a baby boy and would like some inspiration. They’re no use to me now since I’m sure that even if we have a boy later on down the road, I’ll want all new ideas for the nursery.  So here you go. Enjoy!
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As a side note, you will not see a changing table/dresser in either of these boards.  I am converting my great grandmother’s tea cart into a changing table to add a bit of character and charm to the room. I will be painting this once I decide on a color scheme for the room and adding cute baskets to the top shelf but here it is now.
Antique Tea Cart
Okay moving on… I call this first option the Rustic Fox Nursery.  I am 99% decided on that glider from Babies R’ Us so you will see that in both options.  The bedding is Land of Nod, which I have such a soft spot for. I just think they have the best baby and kid bedding out there.
Baby Boy #1
This next nursery is more bold and graphic. But there’s still softness with the ice blue and cream glider.  I’m seriously happy we’re not having a boy because I don’t think I would be able to pick between these two cute nursery boards!

Baby Boy #2

Well those were my sweet baby boy nursery ideas.  Now to change my thought process back to a little girl’s nursery. It’s going to be tough but I LOVE little girl stuff.  I still might steal some of these ideas for her nursery anyway. Which one do you like better?? Let me know in the comments section and wish me luck on a new nursery for Baby H!
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